[Dnsmasq-discuss] Multiple resolv.conf ...

Clinton Lee Taylor clintonlee.taylor at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 15:41:11 GMT 2009

Greetings ...

I know we have discussed mltiple resolv.conf before, but I think that
either I need to ask for a new feature, or that we might have a bug

 This weekend, I was trying to setup a 3G USB modem as a backup
internet connection for a server.  It seems that pppd has a bug, that
get's faulty DNS from the RAS.  This would not be a problem, if all
the DNS servers I have listed in my multiple resolvers ...

 Let me explain, I have a resolv.conf-google, resolv.conf-opendns,
resolv.conf-local and resolv.conf-pppd.  When pppd connects,
if-up.local runs, which I then copy the DNS1 and DNS2 into

 Trying to ping www.opndns.com, would not work, but ping an IP did ...

Then when pppd disconnects, I run if-down.local, which copies
resolv.conf-local over resolv.conf-pppd and pings work again ...

 I also restart dnsmasq in ip-up.local and ip-down.local, and only see
the last file resolver file and it's DNS.

Could we please list all DNS servers when starting dnsmasq, not just
the last updated DNS?


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