[Dnsmasq-discuss] why sending to resolv-file server?

B. Cook bcook at poughkeepsieschools.org
Mon Dec 14 20:26:42 GMT 2009

Hello all,

Dnsmasq version 2.50  Copyright (C) 2000-2009 Simon Kelley
Compile time options no-IPv6 GNU-getopt no-DBus no-I18N DHCP TFTP

I have a rather large setup (some 2500+ hosts) all getting dhcp from 

I have 10 buildings all setup with dhcp-relay and such to get them back 
to the main one.

My question is:

I do not understand why requests are getting sent to the recursor when 
they do not exist..

so say for example I have the internal domain name .pcsd and each 
building has a subdomain bldg1.pcsd, bldg2.pcsd..

(each building has its own config) and we block unknowns from requesting 
dhcp so we have a large file with all the dhcp-host entries in it that 
each building config includes..

Here is a basic entry from one of the files..


and if dnsmasq serves the domain war.pcsd I do not need to put in an 
entry like this:


yet, with the entry in or out if I do this:

host totallyfakename.war.pcsd

and then check the query.log for the recursor (bind in this case) it 
will show me that bind was asked for the entry.  Even though I directly 
asked dnsmasq.

Is this intended?

Or do I have something in one of my configs that is helping me shoot 
myself in the foot..


Thanks in advance.

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