[Dnsmasq-discuss] dhcp without dns?

Perette Barella perette at barella.org
Wed Dec 30 21:05:40 GMT 2009

Quoting the man page:

       -p, --port=<port>
              Listen  on  <port>  instead of the standard DNS port (53).
              Setting this to zero  completely  disables  DNS  function,
              leaving only DHCP and/or TFTP.


On 2009年12月30日, at 15:54, Paul Fox wrote:

> i know how to run dns without dhcp, but i have a need for the
> opposite.  just in case i've missed something in the man page --
> is there a way to run dnsmasq as just a dhcp server?  i'd like to
> stick with dnsmasq because i'd rather not have to (re)learn how
> to configure the ISC server, or build busybox, or whatever.
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