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Thu Dec 31 03:43:09 GMT 2009

On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 4:08 PM, Didster <didster at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> Probably an odd request this, but is there anyway of getting dnsmasq
> to give a lease to either one machine or another but not both?
> So I have a small network of about 7 PCs on a static range.  Each PC
> is listed with its MAC address in a dhcp-host directive.  For 2 of the
> PCs, I only want one of the 2 machines to be able to get a lease at
> any one time.  So if PC1 has a lease, PC2s request will fail and vise
> versa.
> Is there anyway that can be done?

Use the dhcp-host lines to assign a tag to these two computers.  Don't
associate an IP address from dhcp-host.
Make a dhcp-range which has a pool of only one address and matches that tag.
Make sure that other dhcp-ranges do not match the tag (as in, #tag or
use the static keyword to not create a pool at all).

If either PC has a valid lease, the pool is exhausted and the other PC
will be refused.  When the first lease is released or expires, the
pool will have a free address again and the next request will be
accepted.  But please note most clients won't release their lease
during shutdown without special configuration.

> Thanks
> Simon
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