[Dnsmasq-discuss] [suggestion] tiny embedded web server

Jan Psota jasiu at kkfsa.pl
Sat Jul 9 22:21:11 BST 2011

[about web server embedded in dnsmasq]

1. I don't see the need.
2. ...but if Simon think about it, I would propose libmicrohttpd

I made some tests:
1. example http server running takes 272KB RAM (free - free),
   (second process didn't use any memory ;-)
2. 1728 bytes is a difference between "hello world" and http server
   (not stripped, 1352 bytes when stripped [5880 server - 4528 hello])
3. library takes 60KB of disk space (70KB when compiled with SSL
   support), and does not need and libraries dnsmasq would not use
   anyhow (libc.so.6 and libpthread.so.0)
4. it's a library intended to be used that way - maybe some other
   programs will take advantage of it in future (none on my system
   for now)

All that on amd64, Gentoo Linux, net-libs/libmicrohttpd-0.9.12 no ssl.


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