[Dnsmasq-discuss] Failover from preferred to less-preferred DNS servers with dnsmasq

Philip Bock phil at flamewars.org
Wed Aug 10 16:39:49 BST 2011

Thanks for your response!

On 8/8/2011, "Ed W" <lists at wildgooses.com> wrote:

>1) Give the head office DNS servers some effectively internet visible IP
>address and then set that address as your dns server

I'm not sure how this achieves the objective - the AD DNS servers will
now be available when the leased line is not, so my clients will
continue to try to use the private IPs for my services when I want them
to use the Internet-facing ones.

>2) Use OpenVPN or your favourite VPN software to tunnel into the head
>office over the internet.

This works but adds complexity and overhead to the network, potentially
reducing performance and reliability. A DNS-based solution would be much

>Personally I think this is overkill.  Use whatever monitoring script you
>use to failover and have that tweak your resolv.conf.

This was actually the first idea I had before I started playing around
with dnsmasq configurations, and I forgot about it. Thanks for reminding
me. This is probably what I'll do.

Thank you,
Philip Bock

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