[Dnsmasq-discuss] Announce dnsmasq-2.58 release candidate.

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Sat Aug 13 16:40:04 BST 2011

I've worked though the holiday-induced backlog, and all is looking good
now, so I think it's time to start working towards a stable release.
Therefore I've made a release-candidate, available for download from


Please test and report back. Remember, it's bugs now, or bugs later :-)

Changelog looks like this:

version 2.58
            Provide a definition of the SA_SIZE macro where it's
            missing. Fixes build failure on openBSD.

            Don't include a zero terminator at the end of messages
            sent to /dev/log when /dev/log is a datagram socket.
            Thanks to Didier Rabound for spotting the problem.

            Add --dhcp-sequential-ip flag, to force allocation of IP
            addresses in ascending order. Note that the default
            pseudo-random mode is in general better but some
            server-deployment applications need this.

            Fix problem where a server-id of is sent to a
            client when a dhcp-relay is in use if a client renews a
            lease after dnsmasq restart and before any clients on the
            subnet get a new lease. Thanks to Mike Ruiz for assistance
            in chasing this one down.

            Don't return NXDOMAIN to an AAAA query if we have CNAME
            which points to an A record only: NODATA is the correct
            reply in this case. Thanks to Tom Fernandes for spotting
            the problem.

            Relax the need to supply a netmask in --dhcp-range for
            networks which use a DHCP relay. Whilst this is still
            desireable, in the absence of a netmask dnsmasq will use
            a default based on the class (A, B, or C) of the address.
            This should at least remove a cause of mysterious failure
            for people using RFC1918 addresses and relays.

            Add support for Linux conntrack connection marking. If
            enabled with --conntrack, the connection mark for incoming
            DNS queries will be copied  to the outgoing connections
            used to answer those queries. This allows clever firewall
            and accounting stuff. Only available if dnsmasq is
            compiled with HAVE_CONNTRACK and adds a dependency on
            libnetfilter-conntrack. Thanks to Ed Wildgoose for the
            initial idea, testing and sponsorship of this function.

            Provide a sane error message when someone attempts to
            match a tag in --dhcp-host.

            Tweak the behaviour of --domain-needed, to avoid problems
            with recursive nameservers downstream of dnsmasq. The new
            behaviour only stops A and AAAA queries, and returns
            NODATA rather than NXDOMAIN replies.

            Efficiency fix for very large DHCP configurations, thanks
            to James Gartrell and Mike Ruiz for help with this.

            Allow the TFTP-server address in --dhcp-boot to be a
            domain-name which is looked up in /etc/hosts. This can
            give multiple IP addresses which are used round-robin,
            thus doing TFTP server load-balancing. Thanks to Sushil
            Agrawal for the patch.

            When two tagged dhcp-options for a particular option
            number are both valid, use the one which is valid without
            a tag from the dhcp-range. Allows overriding of the value
            of a DHCP option for a particular host as well as
            per-network values.  So
            will set the NIS-domain to domain1 for hosts in the range,
            but override that to domain2 for a particular host.

            Fix bug which resulted in truncated files and timeouts for
            some TFTP transfers. The bug only occurs with netascii
            transfers and needs an unfortunate relationship between
            file size, blocksize and the number of newlines in the
            last block before it manifests itself. Many thanks to
            Alkis Georgopoulos for spotting the problem and providing
            a comprehensive test-case.

            Fix regression in TFTP server on *BSD platforms introduced
            in version 2.56, due to confusion with sockaddr
            length. Many thanks to Loïc Pefferkorn for finding this.

            Support scope-ids in IPv6 addresses of nameservers from
            /etc/resolv.conf and in --server options. Eg
            nameserver fe80::202:a412:4512:7bbf%eth0 or
            server=fe80::202:a412:4512:7bbf%eth0. Thanks to
            Michael Stapelberg for the suggestion.



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