[Dnsmasq-discuss] DNSmasq forwarding to DNS doesn't works

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Fri Aug 26 10:17:35 BST 2011

Am 26.08.2011 10:44, schrieb Jérémie SYLVAND:
> Hello,
> We are trying to move from dhcpd + bind to dnsmasq for our small company.
> On the test server, the dhcp provided by dnsmasq works properly, as the
> internal dns who works better than we want : it's possible to ping the
> machine's name given in the dnsmasq.conf, but also the machine's name
> written on the machine (who is different), very good !
> But I'm having an issue with the forwarding to external DNS. My DNS
> can't resolve a request like google.com <http://google.com> so it must
> send it to a DNS upstream, like the DNS of my Internet Servcie Provider/.
> /What I have understood is dnsmasq read the file resolv.conf (or the
> file we have provided) to know DNS upstream, but it doesn't work for me.
> Here is options I have provided in my dnmasq.conf file (without all
> comments):
> bogus-priv
> expand-hosts
> resolv-file=/etc/resolv.conf
> all-servers
> domain=city.domain.com <http://city.domain.com>
> interface=eth0
> dhcp-range=eth0,,,12h
> log-queries
> log-dhcp
> In the file resolv.conf:
> search city.domain.com <http://city.domain.com>
> nameserver
> nameserver <ISP 1 IP address1>
> nameserver <ISP 1 IP address2>
> nameserver <ISP 2 IP address1>
> nameserver <ISP 2 IP address2>
> I don't understand why it doesn't work, probably because I don't have
> understood the real functioning of dnsmasq...
> Can you help me ?


the "nameserver" is a problem here, because dnsmasq
effectively forwards to itself.  I propose the following:

1. modify your dnsmasq.conf:

Add lines similar to these, replacing the IP addresses by the actual
ISPs' DNS resolver addresses:


Note that there must not be a server line!

2. modify your /etc/resolv.conf to read only:

search city.example.com

3. kill and restart dnsmasq

4. if it does not work, try if adding "bind-interfaces" and restarting
dnsmasq helps. It may make things better or worse for you.

If nothing works, please show dnsmasq logs -- you've already set

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