[Dnsmasq-discuss] Strange TFTP problem on OpenIndiana

Daryl Richards daryl at isletech.net
Mon Sep 12 16:58:13 BST 2011

On 9/11/2011 5:32 PM, Simon Kelley wrote:
> Please keep debugging. Any idea when this broke? (ie which older 
> versions work and which don't). Is your boot client doing TFTP over 
> IPv6 (broken) and falling back to IPv4 when it's not enabled? Be aware 
> that many PXE ROMS deliberately fail and restart TFTP connections, so 
> the errors may be a red-herring (The mangled address isn't, though) 
> OPenIndiana implies OpenSolaris, right? Suspect the extra code that 
> went into prettyprint_addr() in 2.58 Cheers, Simon.

I don't think it's dnsmasq itself. I was running 2.55 when it broke, 
then I upgraded to 2.58 to see if that helped and no luck. I probably 
did update the OS during that time, so I'm suspecting an odd interaction 
with that.

OpenIndiana = the continuing development of OpenSolaris after Oracle 
dumped it.

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