[Dnsmasq-discuss] DHCP Relay, assign address from other vlan, with no dhcp listening on it

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Tue Sep 13 10:48:40 BST 2011

On 13/09/11 10:27, Michael Rack wrote:
> Am 12.09.2011 16:15, schrieb SpiderX:
>> What I need is that dnsmasq assigns ip address (create DHCPOFFER
>> packet) based on remote-id or/and circuit-id, and not on sub-option 5
>> which will arrive only in RENEWING state.
>> Is there any chance that dnsmasq will do this?
> 1. SUB-OPTION 5 is not only in RENEWING state, it is also available 
> within DISCORVER messages.
> 2. i don't think that dnsmasq will do this. The programm layout does not 
> use remote-id or/and circuit-id for the dhcp-range selection. DNSMASQ 
> tags the incoming request after valid dhcp-range was found. So your tags 
> based on remote-id or/and circuit-id are useless.

These statements are both true.
> @simon: is there a possibility to add a option like "circuit-id" to the 
> --dhcp-range option? So when a DISCOVER-Message with circuit-id 
> receives, dnsmasq knows, which dhcp-range to choose. circuit-id should 
> take advance over other checks.

Something like that could be done, but the correct way to do this is
with subnet-select relay options, I'm not sure that adding a mechanism
which is non-standard and a good way for people to get themselves into
lots of trouble is the best way to do things.


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