[Dnsmasq-discuss] Big wish:Looks for my setting, due to a probably dns timeout problem

mabra at manfbraun.de mabra at manfbraun.de
Tue Sep 13 20:13:31 BST 2011

Hello !

I am experiencing - since some time - the problem, that
my browser based web-requests hungs for a long time
[this means up to 10-30 seconds!] and I just have no idea,
where to look for that problem. From my "research", it is
not a basic networking problem in that regard, that there
are no timeouts etc.

It's hunging even for the very wellknown addresses,
like google.de.

I experienced, that - in the waiting/blocking situation - I go
to a command window and issue a "nslookup google.de" [if
"google.de" hungs], I get an answer and all "pending" browser
request succeeds in this moment, anyway, which domains or hosts
they are just waiting for. Im suspecting Firefox - the browser,
which shows this behavior, or DNSMASQ.

I am using Windows [Server 2008 R2] and Debian-Linux on my
firewall, where I run DNSMASQ. So I come here, with the little
hope, that an experienced user may inspect my DNSMASQ setup.

This is as follows [logging and DHCP settings omitted]:


My local domain is "mbg.local" in the range shown
above [/24].

I suspect that DNSMASQ does not answer the [sometimes
many] requests in a timely fashion, but there is no
evendence. I just do not know, where to look further.

Any help would be really great!

Thanks so far and
best regards,

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