[Dnsmasq-discuss] Announce: dnsmasq-2.61rc1

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Thu Apr 5 13:46:16 BST 2012

It's a month since the release of dnsmasq-2.60. Despite the large 
changeset which went into that release, very few problems have been 
found with it. There is one regression in the DHCPv4 code that can cause 
crashes with rare configurations, and a few problems have turned up with 
the new DHCPv6 code.

Since the 2.60 release, I've continued to work on the new DHCPv6 code 
and especially the router-advertisement code. The RA code has now 
matured nicely and looks like a viable built-in replacement for the 
various stand-alone RA daemons in the sort of systems dnsmasq runs on.
I'd like to get this code into wider use ASAP, so I'm starting the 
process towards a 2.61 release.

There is one known possible problem, with the ra-names feature and Apple 
OS X, so anyone who uses DHCPv4 and IPv6 on Macs with SLAAC addresses is 
encouraged to enable ra-names, and check if clients get AAAA records in 
the DNS.

Please test this release if you can.


Translators, please do your stuff. The changes are mainly in the man page.

I'm away for the next 10 days with intermittent net connectivity. I hope 
that we'll be ready for a full release soon after I return.

Full 2.60 -> 2.61 changelog below.




version 2.61
             Re-write interface discovery code on *BSD to use
             getifaddrs. This is more portable, more straightforward,
             and allows us to find the prefix length for IPv6

             Add ra-names, ra-stateless and slaac keywords for DHCPv6.
             Dnsmasq can now synthesise AAAA records for dual-stack
             hosts which get IPv6 addresses via SLAAC. It is also now
             possible to use SLAAC and stateless DHCPv6, and to
             tell clients to use SLAAC addresses as well as DHCP ones.
             Thanks to Dave Taht for help with this.

             Add --dhcp-duid to allow DUID-EN uids to be used.

             Explicitly send DHCPv6 replies to the correct port, instead
             of relying on clients to send requests with the correct
             source address, since at least one client in the wild gets
             this wrong. Thanks to Conrda Kostecki for help tracking
             this down.

             Send a preference value of 255 in DHCPv6 replies when
             --dhcp-authoritative is in effect. This tells clients not
             to wait around for other DHCP servers.

             Better logging of DHCPv6 options.

             Add --host-record. Thanks to Rob Zwissler for the

             Invoke the DHCP script with action "tftp" when a TFTP file
             transfer completes. The size of the file, address to which
             it was sent and complete pathname are supplied. Note that
             version 2.60 introduced some script incompatibilties
             associated with DHCPv6, and this is a further change. To
             be safe, scripts should ignore unknown actions, and if
             not IPv6-aware, should exit if the environment
             variable DNSMASQ_IAID is set. The use-case for this is
             to track netboot/install.  Suggestion from Shantanu

             Update contrib/port-forward/dnsmasq-portforward to reflect
             the above.

             Set the environment variable DNSMASQ_LOG_DHCP when running
             the script id --log-dhcp is in effect, so that script can
             taylor their logging verbosity. Suggestion from Malte

             Arrange that addresses specified with --listen-address
             work even if there is no interface carrying the
             address. This is chiefly useful for IPv4 loopback
             addresses, where any address in is a valid
             loopback address, but normally only appears on
             the lo interface. Thanks to Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre for
             the idea and initial patch.

             Fix crash, introduced in 2.60, when a DHCPINFORM is
             received from a network which has no valid dhcp-range.
             Thanks to Stephane Glondu for the bug report.

             Add a new DHCP lease time keyword, "deprecated" for
             --dhcp-range. This is only valid for IPv6, and sets the
             preffered lease time for both DHCP and RA to zero. The
             effect is that clients can continue to use the address
             for existing connections, but new connections will use
             other addresses, if they exist. This makes hitless
             renumbering at least possible.

             Fix bug in address6_available() which caused DHCPv6 lease
             aquistion to fail if more than one dhcp-range in use.

             Provide RDNSS and DNSSL data in router advertisements,
             using the settings provided for DHCP options
             option6:domain-search and option6:dns-server.

             Tweak logo/favicon.ico to add some transparency. Thanks to
             SamLT for work on this.

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