[Dnsmasq-discuss] host-record and cname quirks/questions

Rob Zwissler rob at zwissler.org
Tue Apr 10 01:31:31 BST 2012

Hey Simon -

I'm running 2.61test5 and working with the new host-record directive you
added, as well as the cname directive, and I noticed some behavior that was
somewhat counter-intuitive:

1) host-record=hostname,alias,alias,IP  the alias's are returned as A
records instead of CNAMEs, I'm guessing that was a conscious decision on
your part, but it seems that for a more typical hostname with multiple
CNAMEs, this is maybe not ideal, what do you think?

2) cname=test_cname,target_name  if I do a "dig CNAME test_cname", it will
forward the request to the upstream server, but if I do a "dig A
test_name", then it will resolve it as a CNAME and answer with the CNAME &
A as expected.  Is that a bug or a feature?

3) on a perhaps related note, if I define a cname= without a corresponding
/etc/hosts or host-record entry, it will never answer for the CNAME.  So we
cannot use cname to define aliases on hosts that we are not hosting an A
record for?  Is that a bug or a feature?


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