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Wed Apr 11 09:05:52 BST 2012

Can you please explain what does the constants below (defined in dnsmasq.h
file) mean? because I found many tests in the functions coded whitch use
theses constants.

#define CONFIG_CLID 2
#define CONFIG_TIME 8
#define CONFIG_NAME 16
#define CONFIG_ADDR 32
#define CONFIG_NOCLID 128
#define CONFIG_FROM_ETHERS 256 /* entry created by /etc/ethers */
#define CONFIG_ADDR_HOSTS 512 /* address added by from /etc/hosts */
#define CONFIG_DECLINED 1024 /* address declined by client */
#define CONFIG_BANK 2048 /* from dhcp hosts file */
#define CONFIG_ADDR6 4096

Can you give me some advices to understand the source code of Dnsmasq?

Thanks a lot.
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