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Hello rob0

Thank you for your answer.

You are right. I realize that my knowledge about dns and vhosts has
"big" gaps.
So i'm going to learn more about the concept of HTTP virtual hosts.

But my i ask you another question related to you last explanation:

"The WAN IP address has nothing to do with this. The whole point of
dnsmasq is to have the external names resolve to internal

Why does the WAN IP Address nothing to do with this?

Let's say a student is at home using his laptop/browser to access
Let's say a have registered example.edu as a domain and uses
dyn.com name-servers,
so that foo1.example.edu leads to my WAN IP address (my router).

So, even the WAN IP address is necessary to find my router from the
WAN site,
the WAN IP isn't involved in finding foo1.example.edu.

If you have the time, could you explain it in more detail.

SORRY for my english!

Kind regards, go4unkwn

On Sun, 15 Apr 2012 18:18:30 +0200 /dev/rob0 <rob0 at gmx.co.uk> wrote:
>On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 05:29:43PM +0200, go4unkwn at hushmail.com
>> the question i have isn't dnsmasq specific, but i hope in this
>> forum are a lot of dns cracks (i call me a newbie).
>> i hav a dyndns account for my dynamic ip, so that i can reach my
>> home lan from the internet. i also have a registered domain.
>> futher i can create in my dyndns account cnames for subdomains.
>"Hostnames", not "subdomains." Subdomain implies delegation to
>another authority. For example, the "uk." domain delegates to
>"org.uk." which in turn delegates to "thekelleys.org.uk."
>> examples:
>> - - foo1.mydomain.org
>You probably don't own mydomain.org. Please don't use real domain
>names as examples. We have example.org (and others) for that.
>> - - foo2.mydomain.org
>> - - foo2.mydomain.org
>> what i have in mind is to run an apache2 server using name-based
>> vhosts for a school. example:
>> - - foo1.mydomain.org
>> - - foo2.mydomain.org
>> - - foo3.mydomain.org
>> now my question is, when a studend uses for example
>> foo1.mydomain.org in his browser, could the browser find my name-
>> based vhost (all vhost are behind the same router (wan-ip), or
>do i
>> have to configure for each vhost a different port.
>It seems like one thing you are not understanding is the concept
>HTTP virtual hosts. All you have to do in dnsmasq is to list each
>name with that IP address in /etc/hosts(5):
>	foo1.example.edu
>	foo2.example.edu
>	foo3.example.edu
>> the router runs dnsmasq. does dnsmasq have to find out which
>> subdomain leads to the wan-ip? or is there another possibility
>> find out, which subdomain leads to the wan-ip?
>The WAN IP address has nothing to do with this. The whole point of
>dnsmasq is to have the external names resolve to internal
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