[Dnsmasq-discuss] Problems with DHCP packets with broadcast flag enabled

Daniel Figueira danfig87 at gmail.com
Mon May 7 20:47:38 BST 2012


I’m working on a scenario in which ARP is disabled on a given interface. We
have a deamon that only responds to ARP requests coming from authorized
clients. The authorized client list is given by the DHCP lease list.

When emulating multiple DHCP clients with the Broadcast Flag active, the
dnsmasq daemon receives the DHCP DISCOVER packets, and according to the
log, it also sends the DHCP OFFER packets. However, when capturing traffic
with tcpdump I am unable to see the DHCP OFFER packets. Furthermore, no
DHCP leases exist in /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases and no client gains IP.

We are working in a Linux system (

Do you have any suggestions to overcome this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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