[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq and multicast (

David Dombrowsky david.dombrowsky at redlion.net
Wed May 9 21:00:15 BST 2012

Please forgive the newbie question.

Is there anything in dnsmasq which implements listening on a
multicast address?  The IANA address allocation does say that is a standard DHCP server address, on which I assume DHCP
servers can listen.

First: is this even a responsibility of this application layer of
the stack, or is it supposed to be implemented in kernel or network

Second: the end goal is to have multiple dnsmasq-based DHCP servers
listening on not-well-known IP addresses on the network.  Also, the
servers should only receive requests from a proprietary relay agent,
which won't know the IP address of the DHCP servers.  I think
multicast is the way to solve this, but I'm not positive.  Any ideas?

David Dombrowsky, Software Engineer

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