[Dnsmasq-discuss] Any plans on adding ability to store cachetodisk?

Nicholas Weaver nweaver at gmail.com
Tue May 15 18:20:43 BST 2012

>> gypsy wrote:
>>> If Simon is offended, then so be it, but I mean no offense. I just fail
>>> to see how a save to/restore from disk could bloat the code;
>>> save/restore IS a basic feature. TTL will expire out any crap
>>> naturally.
>>> --
>>> gypsy

Speaking as just a general DNS guy (I'm not a DNSMasq developer):  Saving cache state is stupid.

TTL dictates a MAXIMUM that data can remain in the cache, but doesn't dictate a minimum, as any "minimum" could be enforced on the authority side by simply ensuring that the answer is consistent.

The savings is also trivial:  It only saves one RTT to the recursive resolver per lookup, since the recursive resolver should still have the item in its cache.  And this should be a short RTT: if your ISP doesn't have the recursive resolver within 30-40ms of your system, its either a high latency link overall (in which case amdahl's law ensures that the RTT for DNS lookups are still going to be irrelevant).

So why bother saving and restoring cache?

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