[Dnsmasq-discuss] Option name in Dnsmasq and OpenWrt

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Wed May 16 10:50:45 BST 2012


I found a difference between options name in the man page of Dnsmasq and
the options described in the documentation of OpenWRT about Dnsmasq.
So, i don't know what to use for example: to configure a dhcp range in dhcp
config file on OpenWrt we use:

config 'dhcp' 'lan'
          option 'interface' 'lan'
          option 'start' '62'
          option 'limit' '192'
          option 'leasetime' '600h'

Or we use:

config 'dhcp' 'lan'
          option 'dhcp_range' ',,600h'
          option 'lease-max' '192'

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