[Dnsmasq-discuss] help needed in dnsmasq problem

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Thu May 17 21:25:26 BST 2012

On 17/05/12 20:55, Atul Gupta wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> I Got it. But in this case dnsmasq is ignoring which is
> a upstream server. It is present in config file but dnsmasq never uses
> it for querying irrespective of number of queries i send or time has
> passed, it only keep trying 2001:5b0:3eff:fff7::20.
> I also observed that if your DNS servers are having a problem, the
> dnsmasq fails to resolve DNS (expected), then it seems like the
> dnsmasq calls the DNS Server address "bad" and never tries them again,
> because i  had a DNS server problem ...resolved it ...yet the dnsmasq
> never could do DNS resolution after the DNS server problem was
> resolved.

That's not quite what happens, but dnsmasq may never use a server if 
it's always slower than other available servers, for instance. Dnsmasq 
will periodically send queries to all available servers, but one server 
always answers later than another, its replies will never be used, and 
won't appear in the stats, and it will never become the prefered server.

BTW, why are you repeating the same server twice in your config? Have 
you tried removing that. It's the sort of unusual inputs that could 
tickle a bug.



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