[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq and sshfp records

Gerd Koenig koenig.bodensee at googlemail.com
Thu May 24 11:44:47 BST 2012

Hi List,

I'm currently looking for a solution to provide ssh-keys via DNS. Seems
like sshfp records will solve this issue ... so far so good.
Since we are using dnsmasq as dns/dhcp/pxe-server I wanted to ask how to
put the generated sshfp records into dnsmasq ???
After searching for a while I got only guides for "how to create sshfp
records" or things like "put your sshfp records into dns"....not that

Can somebody enlighten me if it is possible to offer ssh keys via dnsmasq,
and how to configure it ?

I tried it similar to the TXT-Records, therefore I created a config-file
sshfp.conf and inserted:
myhost SSHFP 1 1 cbe4...c6dc
myhost SSHFP 2 1 20ea...b241
But if I want to start dnsmasq I got the error:
Starting DNS forwarder and DHCP server: dnsmasq
dnsmasq: bad option at line 1 of /etc/dnsmasq.d/sshfp.conf

any help appreciated...: Gerd :....
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