[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq as a proxy DHCP server for DeployStudio

Futures2, New newfuturestech at aps.edu
Thu Jun 7 21:34:56 BST 2012


I am a network administrator for a network within an organization. The organization has its own server running DHCP and DNS, and I can't make changes to the settings on that server.

I'm trying to configure dnsmasq to act as a proxy dhcp server for a product called DeployStudio. DeployStudio is usually used to image Macs, but can also image Windows computers using PXE.

After completing the installation of DeployStudio, I got a dialog box that says this:

This assistant will help you to configure DeployStudio PC.

DeployStudio PC enables basic imaging support for PCs equiped with a compatible PCE2.0 Ethernet interface and a BIOS with LAN boot.

DeployStudio PC netboot system requires the address or alias record "deploystudiopcserver" to be added to your DNS server.

If you are planning to run DeployStudio PC and the DHCP service on this machine, please reinstall it if your DHCP server was not configured during the first installation (DHCP service configuration is updated by the installer).

If the DHCP service is running on another computer, you will need to add the following properties to its configuration (ISC dhcpd example):
	allow booting;
	allow bootp;
	next-server <DeployStudio PC server IP address>;
	filename "pxelinux/pxelinux.0";


I do control *a* DNS server on the network, but its address isn't distributed by the DHCP server, so in the past I've had to manually configure each host on the network to point to my DNS server in addition to the ones distributed by the organization's DHCP server.

If possible, I'd like to know what lines to enter into dnsmasq.conf to accomplish the following two things:

1. Inform the computers on the network of my DNS server. If it's not possible to use a proxy dhcp server to distribute information about a second DNS server, I could change my server's hostname to get around this requirement.

2. Accomplish what it says in the last four lines of the dialog box above.

Thanks very much.

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