[Dnsmasq-discuss] Can't set FQDN on dhcp clients

Snyder, Chris Chris_Snyder at sra.com
Mon Jun 11 12:56:14 BST 2012

> In the log output, it is returning the 'test2' for the dhcp-option 
> 'hostname' and 'gopher.sra.com' for the dhcp-option 'domain-name'.
> Personally, I would have expected it to return the FQDN for hostname.

Why?  That arrangement seems to work with clients that don't support the
FQDN option.

It appears that what's coming back is actually working.

I'm used to typing 'hostname' at the command prompt and seeing the full
FQDN'.  However, if I type 'hostname --domain' I get the FQDN.  I've
never seen that option before. But it works, it just means I'll have to
go change a lot of internal tools to deal with his as they only use
'hostname' and expect an FQDN.

I'm just going to chalk this up to a disagreement between me and how
DHCP works and move on.  I'm sure I could get the client's set with the
actual FQDNs for 'hostname' if I started making changes to various dhcp
client settings or something, but at that point, I might as well set
static IPs and be done with it with the volume of work involved.

But thank you for your time and help.


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