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Thu Jun 21 19:40:02 BST 2012

Countries of interest: UK, Rep. of Ireland, Germany, Austria, Sweden

Involving ourselves with the promotion, consulting, and design of web media type projects as well as on current green tech, recyclable inventory, and other forms of power is seeking out someone who is motivated to work and attain success to represent us from one of the previously listed countries.


- Company owner or soon to be company owner with power of attorney.
- Citizen of one of the previously mentioned countries.
- College degree holder of a reputable institution.
- Highly fluent in English for successful back and forth conversations.
- It is a plus if you are a good standing member of a local bank or international bank.
- Work duration is 3-4 hours daily for initial 2 months, and 2-3 hours thereafter.
- Terms of contract are for one year, with a real possibility of 2 years existing.

Your primary activities will include managing inventory from our sales.

Payment is purely compensation based, so the amount will vary based on the amount of our selling.

Our contacts: Zachary at europeconsultantsnet.com

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