[Dnsmasq-discuss] address=/#/ - does not work!

Nikita N. nikitan at operamail.com
Mon Dec 9 08:29:24 GMT 2013

Hi All, its the first time for me on this maillist :)

Im trying some tests with dnsmasq, but I cant make it work.. sorry :(
I dont know if its a bug.. or its just me missing something..

So here what I want to do:
I created a tap ethernet interface (on wireless, because I have only
that, but thats not important I guess..).
I called at0, and I enabled it with "ifconfig at0 up netmask"
All works ok, I see the interface receive/transmit Ethernet frames, also
I see ip6 management frames around, and so on..
Now I want to provide DHCP and DNS functionality to at0, so I found
dnsmasq which "should" do both (isn't it?)

So what are the requirements for dnsmasq: after providing an ip by DHCP,
every *every* page request by DNS must be answered
In fact Im not providing any wan/internet connection at all, its just a
test, so e.g., if appears on at0 a DNS request for www.google.com,
dnsmasq must send *at-once* a DNS answer with - always!

Here my dnsmasq.conf:

.. unfortunately it doesnt work.. :(
The following is not working:
1) when appears on at0 a DHCP "request" as first, without the "discover"
first, no answer comes! it *always* happens that after the first
connection, my network does not send the any "discover" anymore, dnsmasq
no answer, so my network sends a ARP gratuitous, but still dnsmasq keeps
silent.. if a "discover" comes on at0, then ok, dnsmasq sends answer
ACK.. but I repeat, it very rare that my network sends a "discover", so
I need dnsmasq to always answer DHCP ACK anyway!

2) when appears on at0 a DNS request for any website, www.google.com,
just any, dnsmasq keeps silent, no answer.. after repeated requests,
maybe after half hour repeated requests, then dnsmasq finally decides to
answer correctly with DNS answer= but only after half hour!
thats unacceptable..

Any help? Thanks :)

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