[Dnsmasq-discuss] Multiple MAC addresses in dhcp-host line

John Hanks john.hanks at usu.edu
Thu Dec 26 08:13:10 GMT 2013


Short question: What is the maximum number of MAC addresses that can be
present in a dhcp-host entry?

Long explanation: I have a number of hosts which have multiple MAC
addresses and are stateless between boots. They use PXE to get a kernel and
initrd, then use dhclient to set up eth0, then pull a config script which
determines vlans, bonding, etc., and restarts the network appropriately.
This all works great with one caveat, on some hosts the network devices
sometimes change order between reboots (udev seems to detect in parallel so
it is a race to see who wins eth0) and while I can control the hardware so
that only 1 interface will attempt to PXE, I have little control over
whether or not that interface will be called eth0 by the kernel (short of
customizing and initrd for each host, which I don't want to do). So I'd
like to list all possible MAC addresses for the host in the dhcp-host
entry. I haven't had any luck listing more than two mac addresses and have
been working around this by rebooting in the case of the randomizing hosts
and just using the two "best" macs for hosts that don't randomly change,
but may change from kernel release to kernel release. It would be really
handy if I could list many MAC addresses. I have currently have hosts with
up to 8 nics.


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