[Dnsmasq-discuss] DHCP over a wireless bridge

Albert ARIBAUD albert.aribaud at free.fr
Wed Jan 8 13:55:56 GMT 2014

Le 08/01/2014 14:35, Nikita N. a écrit :
> Hi Albert :) you didnt mention last time you had a wifi based
> configuration too, nice to know! :)

You don't imagine what's in my config, Nikita. :)

> To answer John, if I can try to help, yes, your requirement looks little
> unclear to me too.. FYI, Im "playing" too with a wifi loopback bridge
> project, and its indeed not very easy to implement from scratch.. ;) Im
> running too dnsmasq on the AP side, absolutely DHCP dynamic (nothing
> static) but only because the AP is a Linux fully operational dedicated
> server..
> Running dnsmasq on a AP router bought and used "as is" of course you
> cant.. I suspect you need to install your own Linux, lots of infos on
> web about that ..
> As for me, a common issue Im encountering here is the server/AP "not
> hearing" the client frames (even if client/AP are close each other), so
> you would need to implement also your own logic for "retransmission" if
> that happens in your tests..
> Also be very attentive on the option you give to dnsmasq: you pick the
> wrong ones, things will not work as you want! :) so you could also post
> your dnsmasq.conf here..
> Im encountering also other issues, unfortunately, but Im still working
> on them..

For the sake of full disclosure: my AP is an off-the-shelf Netgear 
DG834G, equipped with a DGTeam firmware which is only marginally 
different from the original Netgear one. I have enabled and configured 
wireless as an AP, and disabled anything else (NAT, DHCP...). The 
DSL/WAN side is unused, and the Netgear basically behaves like a hub 
between its LAN and WLAN sides. This is enough for dnsmasq to work(with 
static MAC-based leases, so the MACs do travel properly through the AP).


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