[Dnsmasq-discuss] Update dnsmasq.leases after lease removed using dhcp_release utility?

Drew Polhamus DPolhamus at simventions.com
Fri Jan 10 17:33:12 GMT 2014

  I am running dnsmasq 2.66 on Fedora 19.  I am using the dhcp_release utility to manually expire a lease without restarting the dnsmasq service.  I see the release occur and the lease info is also removed from the dnsmasq.leases file.  However, when the same client again does a DHCPREQUEST, the leases file does not get updated as expected.  Is this working as expected or possibly a bug based on cached information within dnsmasq?  My software is using the dnsmasq.leases file to determine which clients are currently connected and is expecting that file to be up-to-date.  Thanks for the help.
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