[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq 2.62-3 as DHCPv6-Server and RA-Server: Bug sending router's link-local instead of global address as gateway and DNS-server?

Martin Babutzka martin.babutzka at online.de
Tue Jan 21 10:40:11 GMT 2014


We are using this great piece of software so far as DNS cacher but want to
implement it also as IPv6 server by now. DHCPv4 is handled by another software
at the moment (isc-dhcp-server) but we think the dnsmasq 2.62-3 is quite
suitable for our need of an DHCPv6- and RA-server.

I activated the features in dnsmasq.conf which I think should set-up a working
DHCPv6/RA-Server (see compressed config file below). From then on the server
distributed ipv6-addresses from the correct range. Unfortunately some error
occured: As wanted it also distributed Gateway and DNS-server but it used the
LINK-LOCAL v6 address of the corresponding interface instead of the Global
configured address (2010:7d0:904:1202::1). Is this a bug or misconfiguration?

Another independent question: With this configuration dnsmasq starts to be
pretty noisy in the syslog. Is there any option to reduce the verbosity once the
system works?

Many thanks,

Below you can find the compressed dnsmasq-config file:
dhcp-range=2010:7d0:904:1202::2, 2010:7d0:904:1202::1000, 64, 12h
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