[Dnsmasq-discuss] dhcp-pd, and autoassigned internal interfaces issues

Vladislav Grishenko themiron at mail.ru
Thu Jan 23 02:31:25 GMT 2014

Hi Simon,

> > -    if (ifa->ifa_flags&  IFA_F_PERMANENT)
> > +    if (!(ifa->ifa_flags&  IFA_F_TEMPORARY))

IFA_F_TEMPORARY flag used only if privacy extensions are enabled in kernel,
in all other cases it makes no sense and will not be there.
That means condition will be always evaluated as TRUE for any kind of
address, including event tentative, and any address but privacy-generated
will get permanent flag.
Meanwhile, construct_worker() has no protection against tentative, temporary
and so on flags, so, after patch, it will work for any address on linux.
Was it really intended?

Best Regards, Vladislav Grishenko

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