[Dnsmasq-discuss] Random IP leases?

Quintus quintus at quintilianus.eu
Sun Jan 26 10:26:33 GMT 2014

Hi there,

is it possible to have dnsmasq serve the IP(v6) addresses in a given
range randomly, i.e. not based on the MAC address or sequentially as
outlined in the manpage?

That is, if I specify


in the configuration (stateful DHCPv6) I want dnsmasq to randomly grant
IPv6 addresses from the given range. When a lease expires, I want the
client to get another IP on his next query.

Background: For reasons beyond my human understanding, SLAAC is only
possible with /64 prefixes as per the RFC, requiring me to make each of
my subnets a /64 if I want to use SLAAC and its privacy extensions.
Stateful DHCPv6 does not suffer from this ridiculuous limitation and
allows me to define the size of subnets the way I want it. A /64 holds a
giant number (far more than a billion) of possible addresses, and
considering that to be some kind of "basic networking unit" does not
make any sense to me. Looks to me like we’re back in the 90ies and
happily distributing class-A nets until we don’t have any more.

So long story short, I want a /80 subnet (which still is far too large,
but anyway) where dnsmasq grants leases randomly from, so that clients
which I don’t configure statically will not always be given the exact
same IP for the sake of privacy.


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