[Dnsmasq-discuss] DNSSEC enabled dnsmasq dies very quickly

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Sun Jan 26 22:56:21 GMT 2014

On 26/01/14 22:47, e9hack wrote:
> Hi,
> for testing purpose, I compile dnsmasq with option -DHAVE_DNSSEC. After a few name
> queries, dnsmasq dies. In the example, I start firefox on Windows 7. After a few queries,
> dnsmasq isn't longer running:

DNSSEC is still rather experimental, so no apologies if it breaks at the 
moment. Are you actually enabling dnssec validation with --dnssec?

If not, then compiling with CFLAGS=-g and running under gdb to get a 
backtrace of exactly where it's crashing would be useful, as long as 
you're using the very latest git code.



> My test setup is a carambola box with the current trunk of OpenWRT. If I compile it
> without -DHAVE_DNSSEC, it runs perfectly.
> Regards,
> Hartmut
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