[Dnsmasq-discuss] Question: wildcard address for MX hosts?

Albert ARIBAUD albert.aribaud at free.fr
Tue Feb 4 12:34:29 GMT 2014

Le 04/02/2014 12:28, Simon Kelley a écrit :
> On 03/02/14 12:01, Bob Brown - Turboweb wrote:
>>   Hi,
>> I'm a long time user of dnsmasq and I'm giving a presentation tomorrow
>> in which I assumed that dnsmasq could resolve any MX request to an
>> alternate IP address. It can do it for named domains but I'd like to do
>> it for any MX like can be done for A records using the
>> address=/#/ notation (we use this to great effect inside our
>> development environment).
>> Can I do the same for MX records? The reason being that development
>> machines can then deliver email to any MX they ask for and it would be
>> delivered locally. From reading the documentation and trying it out I
>> can't get it to work.
>> I'd appreciate any help you can give.
> Sorry to disappoint, but this isn't possible, the wildcard facility
> doesn't extend to MX records.

Aren't MX records usually returning host names rather than IPs? And if 
so, won't the host name be resolved to an IP, allowing a wildcard to be 


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