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dhcp-ignore-clid might just work for the long-term. But I ended up playing
around a bit more and I've managed to isolate the part of my config that I
believe triggers the problem. Maybe this can be fixed without a
dhcp-ignore-clid option?

When I set a host's MAC address and IP association in /etc/ethers (with the
read-ethers option on of course) and that same host's IP address to
hostname association in /etc/hosts, I am able to get a consistent IP,
whether or not that same host is using PXE boot, the Debian installer
(where it send the vendor-id as "d-i", which shouldn't matter in this case)
or boots to its own image on the drive. It is consistent, that is, until I
implement a "trick" that I wanted to use so I could whitelist hosts for
PXEboot. That's when it got inconsistent and I would end up with a brand
new IP address for PXE and usually another brand new one when the host boot
into it's own OS. I could only get the IP that I had set in /etc/ethers if
I restarted dnsmasq on the server. Otherwise the host would receive the
same WRONG IP over and over for each renewal.

Here's the config I had BEFORE implementing a "PXEboot whitelist":







Now, I'll add the lines which allow me to use a directory of files for
dhcp-host commands:


Inside of /etc/dnsmasq-hosts.d then I can put files that contain lines like
this one:


... and send a SIGHUP to dnsmasq process. After this, the host with that
MAC address gets the tag "install" and instead of ignoring PXEboot, dnsmasq
will respond for that host. Wonderful! Problem: now I'm getting wildly
different MAC addresses. It's like dnsmasq is reading the files in
/etc/dnsmasq-hosts.d and ignoring the /etc/ethers file. Is this expected
behavior? A bug? I know that specifying a DIRECTORY instead of a file for
the dhcp-hostsfile is kind of a new feature. (For my purposes, I'd prefer a
directory because it's possible that several processes might want to write
files at the same time. It's easy to avoid concurrency problems by putting
files with unique names in a directory (named after MAC or hostname or
UUIDs, etc).)

FYI, I'm using version 2.59 (comes with Debian wheezy). Thanks for any help!

On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 1:48 PM, Simon Kelley <simon at thekelleys.org.uk>wrote:

> On 31/01/14 16:25, Linux Luser wrote:
>> dhcp-ignore-names is concerned about the hostname, correct? I am
>> interested in the client identifier option sent in the DHCPREQUEST.
>> Ignoring this field would break RCF2131 (and probably some people's
>> networks!) but in my particular case, it may spare me some problems.
> I understand, I'm proposing a new option, dhcp-ignore-clid, analogous to
> the existing dhcp-ignore-names.
>> Maybe if I could selectively revoke leases, that would work. Could I do
>> this? I'm sure that dnsmasq keeps an internal cache, so that would have
>> to be flushed for a particular lease.
> There is a utility in contrib/wrt in the source distribution, and a binary
> in the Debiann package of dnsmasq, for releasing a specific lease from the
> command-line.
>> On Jan 30, 2014 2:08 AM, "Simon Kelley" <simon at thekelleys.org.uk
>> <mailto:simon at thekelleys.org.uk>> wrote:
>>     On 29/01/14 18:04, Linux Luser wrote:
>>         We have a pretty tightly-controlled private network environment
>>         which
>>         we've configured to have a 1-to-1-to-1 relationship between
>>         client MAC
>>         address, hostnames and IP addresses. Apart from "guest" IP
>>         ranges, we
>>         have control over when clients get added to the network. Thus,
>>         we can
>>         detect duplicate MAC addresses before it becomes an issue.
>>         In this setup, we can't need or want to use the "client
>> identifier"
>>         option of DHCP. In fact, it becomes a problem when we start doing
>>         PXELinux installs, where a different client id gets sets during
>>         a remote
>>         install session, then when the install is complete and the new
>>         OS boots
>>         up, it gets a different IP address (because dnsmasq still knows
>>         about
>>         the lease it gave that same machine only 10 minutes ago!).
>>         To get rid of this issue, we now supply a dhcp-host option to
>>         dnsmasq
>>         each time we want to do a remote reinstall. The option looks
>>         something
>>         like this:
>>         dhcp-host=<MAC addr>,id:*,<hostname>,<IP addr>,set:install
>>         This works, since the "id:*" part tells dnsmasq to ignore the
>>         client ID
>>         in favor of the MAC address. But now to my question. Can this be
>>         done
>>         for ALL DHCP requests? Is there a global "identify-by-mac-only"
>>         option?
>>         If not, would you be willing to entertain the idea. I know many
>>         others
>>         have done this for some time now, using other DHCP server
>>         software, so I
>>         know it's possible and there doesn't seem to be any ill effects
>>         of this.#
>>     There isn't a global option to do this, but there is precedent, in
>>     the form of --dhcp-ignore-names for adding it, and actually that's
>>     something more useful, since the tag system allows the setting to be
>>     applied to classes of clients (which could, of course, be "all
>> clients")
>>         Maybe this is not a good idea? Like I said, we have a fairly
>>         controlled
>>         environment, so it would work for us. I could see how this would
>> be
>>         unnecessary for common setups, though. Or environments that have
>>         many
>>         VMs running on a single host and simply bridge their network
>>         interface
>>         may want to use the "client identifier" option so each VM gets a
>>         unique
>>         IP even if they're running on the same machine or t But it would
>>         be nice to
>>         have a greater level of control over this.
>>         Thanks for your time. And GREAT piece of software, by the way.
>>         dnsmasq
>>         is a HUGE time saver and makes changing configurations
>>         straight-forward.
>>         Do you accept donations? :)
>>     Donations by Paypal to simon at thekelleys.org.uk
>>     <mailto:simon at thekelleys.org.uk> are always welcome, or you could
>>     commission me to add new features. I'm available for that on a
>>     consultancy basis, cheaper for stuff which goes back into the
>>     dnsmasq GPL codebase, more expensive for proprietary code.
>>     Cheers,
>>     Simon.
>>         --
>>         daV.e
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