[Dnsmasq-discuss] I love this little gem !

Elsie Buck elsiebuck105 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 9 00:34:55 GMT 2014

I just ran across
is exactly what I want to do at my home. Why you ask? Well, I have 5
computers (one for each room), 2 file servers, 2 media players and 2
laptops. Not real impressive, but DNSMasq setup correctly, blocks banner
ads and bad sites (yeah I get the lists from a couple of places - it's all
automatic to me). so the "bad" sites get sent to my own web server which
basically says "Oops, you didn't intend to be here". Which is ok. I know
what it means and why I ended up there. I'm the only one who counts. What I
don't want is the boring "site not found" (NXDomain). I thought I knew
where that page was generated from within windows, but I cannot remember
and Google just isn't helping. So I thought, how about DNSMasq? But the
above link explains why not. I'm running DNSMasq on a DNS-323 "file
server". I believe I've found other programs that might do something close
to what I want, but I don't know those programs and would rather stay with
the tried and true. I thought if enough people requested this feature, you
might reconsider...

Did I tell you, I love this little gem? dhcp is fantastic. I have 10
devices that can be configured simply with DNSMasq. How cool is that?
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