[Dnsmasq-discuss] Interface based DNS names

klondike klondike at klondike.es
Fri Feb 21 18:51:23 UTC 2014

Hi guys,

El 21/02/14 09:27, Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant escribió:
> You might want to look at the 'localise-queries' option. 

Thanks for the hint, that's more or less what I was looking for (I saw
it comes with no IPv6 support but I'll try to implement that myself and
send the patch if I have time).

I still think it could be cleaner if you could tell dnsmasq to use
different hosts files depending on the subnet (with a default one) as
that'd prevent queries from non configured subnets from getting all the
entries instead of the desired one. For example I may query the address
of a file server from the router, since the network isn't in
the same subnetwork as the fileserver this would give me all possible
entries despite I may want only the one corresponding to the network
administration VLAN to be given.

I suppose addn-hosts could be expanded to do that, but I'm not sure if
dnsmasq now supports more than one entry of this kind.

Anyways the improvement is deployed and working for now thanks to you :)

El 21/02/14 06:28, Mike O'Connor escribió:
> If you use 802.1q vlan and bring the these directly to the router
> (running dnsmasq) and assign the two different networks to the
> interfaces, dnsmasq will just do this correctly.
> dhcp-range=,,4h
> dhcp-range=,,4h
> These lines will just find the correct interface and supply the correct
> DHCP records.
Yes, yes I know, I added the tag:vlan.xx just as a safe measure but
thanks for the pointer.

Thanks again for the pointers, I suppose I'll use localize queries for now.

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