[Dnsmasq-discuss] configurable 'quiet-dhcp' option

Shantanu Gadgil shantanugadgil at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 18 06:44:31 UTC 2014


Would it be possible make the 'quiet-dhcp' have configurable sub-options?

My scenario is that I have a dnsmasq running in each of my subnets. (about 7 different subnets)
I have enabled PXE booting for only servers under my "jurisdiction" :) using the 'dhcp-host' lines for each of their MAC addresses.

For now I have enabled the "quiet-dhcp" option. This silences the "SUCCESS" messages but keeps logging the  "DHCPDISCOVER(eth0) ...... ignored" messages for all the other servers.

Would it be possible to suppress the "ignored" messages to quieten down the logging?
BUT keep few of the SUCCESS messages?

Elaborating on that idea, maybe the "quite-dhcp" logging can be separated into sections and have a "quiet" option for each:

Example: to quieten the "request" and "ignore" messages...

This would NOT show the messages of type "DHCPREQUEST" and "DHCPDISCOVER(eth0) ignored"


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