[Dnsmasq-discuss] Per entry TTL override

Olivier Mauras olivier at core-hosting.net
Mon Mar 31 10:59:50 UTC 2014



Is it thinkable to allow a per entry TTL override system ?
have actually two different needs that i'd like to discuss.
NXDOMAINS. I'd like to cache NXDOMAIN from some forwarded domains to a
specific value. Cache time based on default SOA TTL may be too long in
some cases and requires a manual cache refresh :(
Easy example: 
team provisions a new server and ping the hostname asked to see if it's
not already taken - Yes they could act differently
It's not, so result
is cached and will stay for 1H - default SOA TTL.
Server provisioning
takes 10mn, and hostname is still cached as NX for 50mn :(

Second is
entry override. Some specific DNS entries could have a different TTL
than the default one - But not globally per entry gives much more
flexibility :)

Would that make sense to have a binding for request
replies - like the dhcp lua script support - or would this make more
sense as specific harcoded options? If this makes any sense at all
indeed :)

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