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Subject: dnsmasq : how to configure for pxe over http
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For days I have been trying, but I whatever google hints I try the files
get delivered over tftp instead of http.
Any hints on what I am doing wrong will be appreciated.
Kind regards, Dick Burggraaff

linux - slackware current
kernel 3.15.4 64bit, userland 32bit
dnsmasq 2.71
syslinux 6.02
lighttpd 1.4.35, /var/www/htdocs-lighttpd/pxe symlinked to /srv/pxe



# pmagic_pxeserver : Run services for pxe booting
# Written by Dick Burggraaff (burdi01)


# Determine the IP address of the first interface
IP="$(ifconfig | grep broadcast | head -n1 | awk '{print$2}')"
if [ -z "$IP" ]; then
   echo ">>> FATAL: no IP address for the first network interface"
   exit 1

# Determine the C class subnet
SUBNET="$(echo $IP | cut -d"." -f1-3)"

# Start the DHCP and TFTP servers
killall dnsmasq &>/dev/null
dnsmasq --enable-tftp --tftp-root=$PXEDIR --dhcp-range=$SUBNET.50,proxy \
   --log-dhcp --pxe-prompt="Press F8 for boot menu",0 \
   --pxe-service=x86PC,"Boot from the network",lpxelinux \

echo ">>> The PXE services should be running now"

*script end*
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