[Dnsmasq-discuss] Documented Redundancy?

Joel Krauska jkrauska at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 07:35:01 BST 2014

I've seen a few interesting proposals for running dnsmasq in a redundant
(running active/passive and trying to keep leases updated atomically, eg.
using a db)

But I haven't seen an actual implementation documented anywhere.

Those concepts mostly 'address' setting up a standby dhcp server, but I'm
also interested in a secondary DNS server implementation using dnsmasq, and
I can't seem to find detailed documentation on that either.

Just in case anyone is wondering 'why' -- machines need package updates and
occasional rebooting.  I'd very much like to be able to temporarily take
down my primary dhcp/dns infra with minimal impact.

I've used isc and bind, and frankly it's a PITA to manage and maintain.

I really like the simplicity of dnsmasq, but I'd also like some manageable

Is there a blog post out there that I just can't seem to find?  :)

If not, I guess I'll have to try to make one myself.


Joel Krauska
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