[Dnsmasq-discuss] Secondary dnsmasq server?

Don Harper duck at duckland.org
Thu Oct 2 01:18:07 BST 2014

   I did a brief search into the archives for the last two years, and did 
not find what I am looking for.

I have been using dnsmasq as the primary DNS & DHCP server for my home 
lan for many years now, and love it. But, I would like to have a 
secondary server running to pick up the slack if the primary is off-line 
for any reason (currently, I need to apply a security fix to the OS 
which will force a reboot).

I have found the config to tell the primary (ns1) about the secondary 
(ns2), and allow ns2 to start a zone transfer from ns1, but what I 
cannot find is how to configure ns2 to be a secondary and poll ns1 as 
needed.  In addition, I have not seen any way to tell ns2 it is a backup 
DHCP server.  I know that I could do it with ISC dhcpd, but I like how 
easy and small dnsmasq is, so I thought I would try this way first.

Thanks for the awesome project, and hopefully thanks in advance for an 
answer (pointers for RTFM'ing would be great, as well!)


Don Harper

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