[Dnsmasq-discuss] dhcp option 43 question

AJ Weber aweber at comcast.net
Mon Oct 6 14:43:33 BST 2014

Sorry for being a dunce here, but I'm confused as to how to get this 

I'm trying to configure some new access points, and when L3 switches, 
they try and contact the AP controller via a static/standard URL.  I can 
SSH into the actual APs and change that address - but that means doing 
that one at a time, and could be time-consuming and error-prone.  Not to 
mention I have to manage each AP's URL from then on.

There's apparently an option 43 setting that will resolve this, but even 
after a few google searches, I'm confused as to how to configure this in 
dnsmasq.  I'd like to configure it so only this vendor's devices gets 
the option returned.

Here's the sample config for Cisco and linux dhcpd.conf...I need help 
translating this into what I should include into my dnsmasq.conf file, 

The other, alternate, is that these APs use the url 
http://unifi:8080/inform -- so I considered setting the "cname" option 
in dnsmasq to my controller.  But I couldn't get that working for some 

Thanks for any tips.


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