[Dnsmasq-discuss] Android untracked pid on startup

Bruno De Paoli bruno.depaoli at bluetreesystems.com
Wed Oct 8 09:27:43 BST 2014

I'm running dnsmasq on an Android Gingerbread platform acting as a wifi Access Point. When dnsmasq starts up I get the following

init: untracked pid 2407 exited

I suspect it has something to do with dnsmasq changing its user id because if I run it with dnsmasq -d then I don't get this behaviour. Among other things the -d option causes it to not change user Id. The dnsmasq process is still running however and seems to behave so I'm unsure if this is really an error. Here's the snippet of the 'ps' output, the pid of dmsmasq is always 1 higher than the pid in the message.

app_20    2377  2083  93392  16024 ffffffff 6fd0c51c S com.cooliris.media

nobody    2408  1     924    324   80206038 6fd0b45c S /system/bin/dnsmasq

root      2409  2077  904    316   00000000 6fd0b45c R ps

Having google'd this a bit it looks like an Android specific issue but there is no definite explanation as to what can cause it.

Has anyone seen this when running in an Android environment? Can anyone suggest the cause?



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