[Dnsmasq-discuss] how to assigned multiple addresses for one domain?

klondike klondike at klondike.es
Mon Oct 13 03:23:28 BST 2014

El 13/10/14 02:47, Junyoung Park escribió:
> hi, i have question dnsmasq configuration to set of split-dns server
> (only DNS, use one router)
> About same domain (example.com), i want to assigned multiple addresses
> like view (BIND9).
> dnsmasq support this function? if it possible.. how can i configure it?
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> eth0 (external /connected with ISP), eth1 (internal / private zone)
> external user(eth0) request www.example.com  -> (response)
> internal user(eth1) request www.example.com  -> (response)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
At GHS we use the localise-queries option for that which is most likely
what you need. It serves the responses based on the interface's ip and
netmask but is limited only to IPv4


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