[Dnsmasq-discuss] Only TFTP boot clients with specific MAC addresses

Synchunk synchunk at web.de
Sun Nov 23 01:09:28 GMT 2014


I'm trying to create a web interface where you can select which 
computers should boot using TFTP.
Other computers should get a DHCP lease, but then continue to boot 
normally (without PXE).

I went through the mailing list archive and found:

Unfortunately, --tftp-unique-root uses the IP address as directory name, 
but I need the MAC address - then I could easily get the web interface 
to symlink the MAC addresses of the computers that should boot from the 
TFTP server to a directory that contains the bootable image.

I also found the dhcp-script option in the configuration file and it 
seems like a pretty good solution combined with --tftp-unique-root.
I could write a dhcp-script that, if necessary, creates a symlink with 
the name of the client's new IP address to the folder that contains the 
bootable image so that tftp-unique-root provides the image from that 

Now I have two questions:
- Will dnsmasq wait until the dhcp-script executed or will it run 
asynchronously? It might take the script a few seconds to check if it 
should create a symlink and I don't want the client to send the TFTP 
request before the symlink has been created (as it won't be able to find 
the boot image then).
- Can anyone suggest a better solution?

Thanks for reading this huge wall of text (and for creating dnsmasq, 
it's awesome!)


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