[Dnsmasq-discuss] Feature request: block certain domain's A/AAAA/MX record

klondike klondike at klondike.es
Tue Nov 25 10:27:05 GMT 2014

El 25/11/14 03:13, 喵喵 escribió:
> Hello there,
> First of all, sorry for my improving English.
> I'd like to request a feature that user can block a certain domain's
> A/AAAA/MX record.
> I am using tomato firmware with dnsmasq built in. Since I live in
> China and I use HE.net's free IPv6 tunnelbroker to gain IPv6 internet
> connectivity. But there's a problem, when I visit a site in China
> which has IPv4/v6 dual stack, browsers and other apps will try to
> connect via IPv6 first, that will be much slower than using IPv4. So
> if you guys can introduce a feature that block a certain domain's AAAA
> record, that will be very helpful for me.
> Thanks for your time, have a good day.
Just set the preferences on your client computer. On linux using glibc
this is done in the gai.conf file

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