[Dnsmasq-discuss] interface-name and IPv6 temporary addresses

Michael Gorbach michael at mgorbach.name
Sat Nov 29 19:18:18 GMT 2014

Hi All,

I've got a question and potential enhancement request. It looks like right now, the (very useful) interface-name feature pulls all (global) addresses from the interface. One of my machines uses IPv6 privacy extensions (known in Linux as use_tempaddr), which means that in addition to link-local and permanent global addresses, it has a rotating cast of ~ 5 temporary addresses. I suggest that dnsmasq should detect those temporary addresses and not return them for queries that would otherwise hit interface-name. Returning them as it does now means > 5 AAAA records for a single name, which causes repeated confusion due to things like SSH warning about an unknown host because it has suddenly picked a previously-unknown temporary address to connect to. Thoughts?

~ Michael Gorbach
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