[Dnsmasq-discuss] Cannot override DHCP server-identifier (option 54) ?

Benjamin Picardat bpicardat at netinary.com
Wed Dec 3 10:04:07 GMT 2014


So I dug around a bit in the code, and I think my line in the configuration
"dhcp-option=tag:eth2,54," is ignored because
"server-identifier" is tagged OT_INTERNAL in opttab[] (options.c) and that
makes it ignored in parse_dhcp_opt(char*, int). 
What is the semantic behind OT_INTERNAL ?
Would there be another way to do what I want to ? That is make that the
option 54 is set to the secondary IP of the interface instead of the primary

Sorry for the HTML in the previous message and sorry if I break the thread,
not having received my own mail I cannot answer it and I do not know if
setting the same title is enough to keep the message in the same thread.


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