[Dnsmasq-discuss] Problems forwarding DNS lookups for local domain

Malte Forkel malte.forkel at berlin.de
Mon Dec 22 19:52:56 GMT 2014

Am 21.12.2014 um 18:25 schrieb Simon Kelley:
> After the SIGHUP, dnsmasq will log the complete set of upstream
> servers and the domains they'll be used for, so looking in the log is
> the first think to do for clue about what's happening (or isn't
> happening) here.
> Add --log-queries to your dnsmasq configuration and look (again) in
> the logs. You should see exactly what queries are arriving at dnsmasq
> and what it's doing with them.

Thanks for your help, Simon. I ran some test cases and compared the log

It does not seem to matter whether the --server option is specified in
dnsmasq's configuration file or in a file specified by the
--servers-file option. I produces log entries like
    using nameserver for domain my.lan
    using nameserver for unqualified names
depending on the arguments to the option. If no domain is specified, the
log contains an additional
    using local addresses only for domain my.lan.
before or after the nameserver line.

According to the log entries for DNS lookups on the client side, a query
is forwarded to the server side only if the --server option is specified
in dnsmasq's configuration file and contains a domain name. In that
case, the host is looked up successfully.

The query is not forwarded if the --server option is specified in the
servers file or does not contain a domain. Unqualified host names result
in NODATA-IPv* log entries, qualified host name result in NXDOMAIN entries.


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