[Dnsmasq-discuss] Multiple subnets question

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Wed Jul 8 11:18:31 BST 2015

I have a small[ish] home network with dnsmasq running on a Raspberry
Pi doing the standard stuff on the main subnet.  I'm wondering if I
can get dnsmasq to handle DHCP and local DNS for two other subnets as

I'll try and describe the setup:-

    The 'main' router is a Draytek Vigor 2820n which also provides
    ADSL to the internet.  The LAN subnet is 192.168.1.xx and (with
    the addition of some switches) most of my hardware is connected to
    this subnet and, as I said, dnsmasq runs on a Raspberry Pi on this

    Theres a second ADSL router connected to a second phone line for
    redundancy/backup, this router's LAN side is 192.168.13.xx and
    connects to the wired WAN connection on the 2820n.  The 2820n does
    load-balancing/fail-over etc.

    A simple Tenda W311R+ wireless router is also connected to the
    192.168.1.xx subnet (i.e. its WAN connection is on that subnet)
    and provides WiFi in areas where the signal doesn't reach from the
    2820n.  The LAN side of this router is 192.168.0.xx.

So, at present, any computer that uses the WiFi signal from the 2820n
gets a 192.168.1.xx address assigned by dnsmasq and it is also
accessible by name.  I'd like to be able to do this for computers that
use the W311R+ WiFi signal.  Can dnsmasq do this?

Is it possible to somehow tell a router (the W311R+) to pass DHCP
requests on to its WAN side and then get dnsmasq to assign an IP in
the correct range for the W311R+.

... or am I going about this in the wrong way?

Chris Green

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